May 2024: Challenging the Western Media’s Distorted View of the Ukraine War

5 May 2024 | Activism, Media criticism

Front Page of Benjamin Abelow's book "How the West Brought War to Ukraine".

Benjamin Abelow’s highly informative little book on the war in Ukraine is based solidly on accessible and easily verifiable Western sources.

It has nevertheless been completely ignored by the Western media, more concerned to wage an anti-Russian propaganda war than to promote understanding and open debate. This is his presentation, along with key links.

Washington and the mainstream media assert that Vladimir Putin is a Hitler-like expansionist who invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked land grab. If you disagree—or even if you are unsure—you may be called “Putin’s puppet” or a “dupe of the Kremlin.”

“In this book, I present the other side of the story. I show that Russia’s invasion is best understood as a response to misguided and provocative Western policies, especially to the encroachment of U.S. and NATO forces on Russia’s borders. Had the shoe been on the other foot—had Russia acted toward the U.S the way the U.S acted toward Russia—Washington would have gone to war, too.

“This book tells the story that Washington and its allies—the Western politicians and military strategists who helped cause this catastrophe—do not want you to hear.”

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