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May 2024: Challenging the Western Media’s Distorted View of the Ukraine War

5 May 2024 | Activism, Media criticism

Benjamin Abelow’s highly informative little book on the war in Ukraine is based solidly on accessible and easily verifiable Western sources. It has nevertheless been completely ignored by the Western media, more concerned to wage an anti-Russian propaganda war than to promote understanding and open debate. This is his presentation, along with key links. “Washington […]

2012: Chasing a Buzz, AFP Rides Roughshod over French Election Law

26 September 2012 | Activism, Media criticism

During the April 2012 election in France, an inflated idea of the importance of internet forums and so-called “social media” led the French national news agency to carelessly and knowingly break the law. The agency’s top journalists, and also its management, were convinced that the boring old law, common to many countries, which decrees that no results may be announced via national media until the last polling stations have closed, was a thing of the past.

2011: Trade Unionism and Media Criticism

25 August 2011 | Activism, Media criticism

An account of two years spent as an elected member of the AFP Works Committee, produced to back up my bid for re-election in 2011. Although running for a different union than the one I had originally been elected for, I was successful.

2010: My Bid to Become CEO of a Major News Agency

18 March 2010 | Activism, Media criticism

February 2010: Unexpectedly, in the midst of an epic struggle over his plans to transform AFP, CEO Pierre Louette resigns. To gain publicity for the union-backed “SOS-AFP” petition, I decide to throw my hat into the ring

2008: Why A News Agency Should Not Depend on Advertising Revenues

21 April 2008 | Activism, Media criticism

Working as a journalist made me painfully aware of the negative effects of advertising, not only on the final consumer of news but also on the people who produce it. In early 2007 the CEO of my employer, Agence France-Presse, had clearly decided that such considerations were old hat. Thanks to my trade union, I was able to contest his decision to create news sites directly funded by advertising revenues.